hello my name is megan and i'm addicted to blake belladonna

hey guys

its been over three weeks since my cat went missing and i’m kinda hella upset about it so i’m gonna blacklist cats on here to help a little

if the ppl i follow could tag cats i’d be hella grateful!!



but your children

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but the dragoon lady has blonde hair as far as I remember…maybe they changed it

is she even still gonna be in it

hell, is black haired girl still gonna be in it

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Anonymous said:
Remember the second or two from the e3 trailer where Noct was fighting a woman in red armor with a large sword arm thing? I'm 90% sure that's the girl with the bangs you just posted.

oh gosh i hope so

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Anonymous said:
Any chance you could make a Gladiolus Amicitia gifset with the different trailers and gameplay we've seen until now? Thanks in advance!

sure thing, i’ll start on this tomorrow!


Almost there.


ふたりで by しの on pixiv

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I will not call these roads home,
though they are all I know